Anyone can be a "disc jockey", but it takes effort to be Consistently Successful

Consistently Successful

By Patrick McDonald and Kyle McPeck

Part of The Wedding DJ Handbook Series

Consistently Successful is the book that we wish we had

when we first started in this business.

April 13, 2004

...Informative Book!


March 19, 2004

fast response, great info...positive experience....thank you!!!


February 16, 2004



February 14, 2004

good product. smooth transaction. recommended.


November 17, 2003

I got your book  and I read the whole thing already... I've been a DJ  for 8 years AND there is STILL useful information in there. I'm printing it today and I'll be rereading it to highlight useful material to teach my staff.  Thanks a lot!. 
Majestic Mixers Entertainment

New Jersey


Here is what the 82 full size page book contains

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The Secret To Winning Every Single Time...In Everything You Do is a wonderful book well worth the price of Consistently Successful by ITSELF!  If you feel like you are struggling way too hard to get ahead then you need this life-changing manual.


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