What "Mad" Joe Martin has to say about Consistently Successful


It's been stated that just about anyone can be a disc jockey. After much consideration, I have a tendency to agree with that statement. The big question that comes into play has to be whether it can be done well or not. Just because it can be done does not insure that it can be successfully done. In my 30 plus years in this profession, I've seen plenty of good, bad, and even some ugly performances. With the outcome of success so uncertain, this probably sounds like a crapshoot at best. It's time to view the disc jockey profession as one big casino and you are about to increase your odds of being successful. Just as you would not want to gamble in a casino without understanding "the game", it would be equally foolish to operate a disc jockey business without the information that can put the odds in your favor.


Whether or not you know it, the disc jockey profession is a relatively new profession. Most veterans will agree that it's been around since the early seventies.  Most will also agree that it wasn't until the mid to late eighties that it became a Professional Industry. In the beginning disc jockeys flew by the seat of their pants. Each day was a learning experience into what would or would not work. All of that trial by error "training" is what helped the industry evolve into what is found today.


Hands down, most mobile disc jockeys would agree that performing at wedding receptions is a must if you intend on running a financially successful DJ operation. Without a doubt, more weddings occur than any other type of event. If you want your piece of the pie, it's imperative that you learn or refine all aspects of successfully promoting, selling, and performing for the lucrative wedding business. 


The biggest question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to do things the legal and correct way, or take the easiest road. Cutting corners in this business usually comes back to haunt you. Believe me when I say that I've witnessed many disc jockeys leave this profession. The number one reason most left this business is because they didn't understand BUSINESS.

Believe it or not, there is much more to being successful than knowing how to play music. To be successful you must know your equipment, have microphone skills, know what it takes to motivate, understand music programming, and be successful at selling and marketing your talent. Let's also not forget learning a few of the basics of getting into and running a business. 

Congratulations! What lies ahead on the following pages is going to give you the edge that is needed to be a successful disc jockey. This book is chock full of great information that will benefit both the beginner and the experienced. While some of the information may be geared to specific areas of the country, I'm sure you will walk away with a better understanding of how to start a business as well as perform at wedding receptions. 

I've known Kyle McPeck and Patrick McDonald for several years. Both bring an expertise to the table that will benefit you greatly. I've admired these men for their ethics, honesty, and desire to see the industry grow, and their willingness to share their expertise in this industry.  Kyle takes you through the basic steps of setting up a business the legal way. His business knowledge gives you the insight that is needed to start. Pat shares his years of experience taking you through purchasing your equipment, preparing your marketing materials, selling the wedding event, preparation for the event, and finally, your performance at the event. 

I've been involved in selling and performing entertainment at weddings over 25 years and I was able to walk away with several ideas that will give me the edge over my competition. You too will be able to learn what up to this point has taken many years of trial and error for many to be successful. Once you have completed the book, I think you will agree that you have increased your odds of being successful in what some might view as a gamble. You now have the edge!


"Mad" Joe Martin   

2003 American Disc Jockey Hall of Fame Inductee


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