We are proud to be a part of Merit Industries Tournamaxx System.  The Hilltop Cafe in Zanesville, OH is seeing wild and crazy results with their Tournamaxx System and their liquor sales too!  It is a one two punch that no bar or restaurant should be without.  If you would like to see an extra $5000 on your bottom line this year with little to no effort please contact us at or 740-453-8419.

Current Locations are Hilltop Cafe and Don's Cafe


Beginning in April!

We have just signed an agreement to become part of the national Merit Championship. 

In April, you will be competing for prizes with others from 6 States.  Eventually, the Championship will include up to 31 States! We will continue local prizes.  Local prizes (until further notice) are   First Place $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card, Second Place $35 Speedway Gift Card and Second Chance will be $25 Lottery Tickets


April Tournament Games are Tri-Towers and Merit-Thon Quiz

Point Standings Through March 2005

1. Susie     157 Points

2. Janie 118 Points

3. Steve 86 Points

4. Del 50 Points



January 2005 Winners Announced

Box Drop 

1. Janie B.

2. Steve R.

Mini Golf

1. Steve R.

2. Shane

Our Second Chance $25 Winner is the one and only


February 2005 Winners


1. Susie

2. Janie


Meteor Shower

1. Pty

2. Susie


2nd Chance Winner



March Winners


Vinci Ball

1. Steve

2. Pete


Card Bandits

1. Del

2. Susie


2nd Chance